Fantek was established in the year 2005 to serve the ever demanding needs of Industrial Fans & Air Pollution Control Equipments market in India as well as overseas. Our products cover  Computational Fluid Dynamics, Crash Analysis Designing Service, Dynamic Analysis, Powertrain Design Service, Rail Design Service, Structural Design Service, Engine Design Service,  Centrifugal Fans, Axial Fans, Bag Filters, Cyclone Separators, Dampers, ID Fans, Ventilation Fan, Exhaust Fan, Blowers, High Pressure blower, Process Fans, High Temperature Fans, Pollution Control Devices, Vibration Analysis, Site Testing, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Non Linear Analysis,  Pollution control equipment, Butterfly Damper, Ventilator, Induced draft fan, Forced draft fan, Centrifugal blower, Tubeaxial fan, Industrial Exhaust Fans, Axial Flow Fans, Boiler Fan, Cement Plant Fans, Mine Ventilation Fans, Power Plant Fans, Steel Plant Fans, Process Fans.

Fantek has supplied in excess of 155 fans in the two years that we have operated in an organized manner with a maximum flow rate of 3,20,400 M3/Hr and a maximum pressure of 1840 mmWc. Renewed demand for our products from our customers speaks for the kind of professionalism in our design and manufacturing approach for all our products. Total capacity of fans installed and ongoing projects stands at 12,057 kW. Our engineers, company staff and workers have a great deal of experience in their respective fields and are highly motivated to perform the most challenging of jobs.


In addition to our products, we also render services such as site visit to study the plant requirements / performance evaluation of your existing equipments, carry out tests and studies which will enable you to choose the right kind of product and size which will in turn have an effect on the capital and revenue expenditures that you incur. We, Fantek, have direct employees, contract workers and a number of vendors who serve as the back bone of our company to deliver our products and services. We have a flexible work schedule and are amenable to your stringent demands.


Our Major Industries are Ship building, Aviation, Automobiles, Mining equipment, Cement machinery, Steel Machinery, Chemical and Petrochemical Plant Equipment, Infrastructure (Roads, Railways, Ports, Bridges..), Thermal Power Generation Equipment, Hydro, Nuclear, Wind Power Generation Equipment, Civil Structures, Renewable Energy Sector, Farming Equipment, Machinery for entertainment.

Our range of fans and blowers for the chemical industries cover the process fans required for eliminating wasteful gases to the stack, blowers for supplying pressurized air, fans for boilers that produce steam/electricity for the process and incinerator fans.

Chemical plant fans are generally subjected to the highest levels of corrosion in comparison with other industries. This requires fans to be made of special corrosion resistant material manufactured with unique manufacturing technologies. With the ability to gain access to typically any type of modern manufacturing technology and access to almost all special alloys, we are poised to give you fans suitable for the most corrosive atmospheres.

Fantek’s unique design ability to simulate the functioning of different material, available designs for different types of sealing arrangement depending on your demands and our range of high pressure blowers and fans are a winning combination for serving the chemical industry.
Mine ventilation fans need very high specific speeds (a number that indicates relative volume of air delivered for a unit pressure). Fans with high specific speeds, namely custom centrifugal, mixed flow and axial fans have been developed by us and these fans have the highest efficiencies of all fan designs available with us.

Our range of fans for mine ventilation comes with a huge number of safety features, indicators and accessories that help you to operate with lesser maintenance troubles and feel safer.
Ore Treatment

Right from the storage yard for ore to smelting and refining, our dust collectors and fans find numerous applications in the field of ore treatment. Fans are used for leaching the ore during the initial stages of processing, oxygenating the ore for initiating the reaction of smelting and also for exhausting the gases released during the process.
Power Generation
Power Plants require the most reliable of fans and Fantek’s senior engineers with more than 25 years of fan manufacturing experience for the power sector bring to you some of the most reliable fans in the industry.

Fans find use in the following cases

Induced draught (ID), Forced draught (FD), Primary Air, Secondary Air, Gas recirculation, Mill seal air fans for boilers fire by Coal, Gas, Oil and Fluidized bed boilers fired by biomass and fossil fuel

ID and FD Fans for auxiliary heat in Combined Cycle Power Plants

Booster Fans (Axial and Centrifugal) for flue gas desulphurization systems

Dust extraction systems with ID Fans for transfer points in conveyors of all material handling applications (Coal and Ash mainly

Cylindrical silencers for steam exhaust
Steel making is a process that involves a huge amount of dust extraction systems and fans mainly required for the main processes of iron and steel making which include Ore beneficiation (Sinter Plant and Pellet Plant), Iron Making (Blast Furnaces and Sponge Iron Kilns) and Steel Making.

Our range of custom and standard centrifugal fans finds use in all of the above listed plants and we give you fans that are extremely reliable and energy efficient to handle the kind of dust and heat that they are subjected to.

We retrofit our own fans with more energy efficient designs when you order spares which will enable you to save power at zero additional cost and the system study for this exercise is also done by us absolutely free!

Our dust extraction systems (pulse jet filters) for the Iron & Steel industry are made with bags that can take the kind of abrasion in the industry for long durations of time. We import the bags from some of our vendors who are best known in this field and have supplied huge quantities in the past.
Ventilation of all factories, commercial complexes and warehouses need to be done with fans that are efficient, so as to save your energy bill. Fantek gives you advice on the system design and the suitability of using fans for various applications in order to make your systems energy efficient.

We offer variable pitch axial fans that can be adjusted to various angles and centrifugal fans with variable speeds for which adjustments can be made depending on the desired performance. Not to mention, our fans are silent and come with various accessories that either aid in air filtration or help in energy efficiency.

The most comprehensive range of standard designs for tube axial, centrifugal and propeller type fans will help us deliver your products quickly.
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