Fantek was established in the year 2005 to serve the ever demanding needs of Industrial Fans & Air Pollution Control Equipments market in India as well as overseas. Our products cover  Computational Fluid Dynamics, Crash Analysis Designing Service, Dynamic Analysis, Powertrain Design Service, Rail Design Service, Structural Design Service, Engine Design Service,  Centrifugal Fans, Axial Fans, Bag Filters, Cyclone Separators, Dampers, ID Fans, Ventilation Fan, Exhaust Fan, Blowers, High Pressure blower, Process Fans, High Temperature Fans, Pollution Control Devices, Vibration Analysis, Site Testing, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Non Linear Analysis,  Pollution control equipment, Butterfly Damper, Ventilator, Induced draft fan, Forced draft fan, Centrifugal blower, Tubeaxial fan, Industrial Exhaust Fans, Axial Flow Fans, Boiler Fan, Cement Plant Fans, Mine Ventilation Fans, Power Plant Fans, Steel Plant Fans, Process Fans.

Fantek has supplied in excess of 155 fans in the two years that we have operated in an organized manner with a maximum flow rate of 3,20,400 M3/Hr and a maximum pressure of 1840 mmWc. Renewed demand for our products from our customers speaks for the kind of professionalism in our design and manufacturing approach for all our products. Total capacity of fans installed and ongoing projects stands at 12,057 kW. Our engineers, company staff and workers have a great deal of experience in their respective fields and are highly motivated to perform the most challenging of jobs.


In addition to our products, we also render services such as site visit to study the plant requirements / performance evaluation of your existing equipments, carry out tests and studies which will enable you to choose the right kind of product and size which will in turn have an effect on the capital and revenue expenditures that you incur. We, Fantek, have direct employees, contract workers and a number of vendors who serve as the back bone of our company to deliver our products and services. We have a flexible work schedule and are amenable to your stringent demands.


Our Major Industries are Ship building, Aviation, Automobiles, Mining equipment, Cement machinery, Steel Machinery, Chemical and Petrochemical Plant Equipment, Infrastructure (Roads, Railways, Ports, Bridges..), Thermal Power Generation Equipment, Hydro, Nuclear, Wind Power Generation Equipment, Civil Structures, Renewable Energy Sector, Farming Equipment, Machinery for entertainment.

Directors Desk
It has always been my dream to set up a fan manufacturing company with a division handling pollution control equipment that is driven by technical expertise, technology and world class quality. We not only make sure that the aforesaid aspects are given adequate emphasis but also make sure that our prices are competitive. Fantek has been in inception since 2006 and is a step towards realizing my goals.

I instill upon my staff, the attitude to improve their way of working and in particular, the kind of culture we maintain in our organization. Giving due respect to the fact that we need to improve upon many aspects which will help us in serving you better, we are proud to say that our products have been well accepted in the market and all of them have a history of excellent performance as evident from the certificates of our customers.

I wish all my employees, contractors and vendors all the very best for their good work and would like to congratulate them for being the real back bone of our organization.

We have great plans for the future in terms of research, quality, international certifications, expansions and we wish to emerge as an indigenous, Indian manufacturer of Industrial Fans, Bag Filters, Cyclones and all our other products.
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